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Our Product

Custom Studio Gobos are designed with several things in mind- aesthetics, functionality, effectiveness, cost, and durability. We offer options that allow you to design a set of gobos to fit the exact needs of your studio.

Home project studios and large live rooms alike will benefit from our gobos, which control unwanted mic bleed and allow rooms the necessary division for tracking.

We have designed this basic model after consulting with engineers, studio managers, musicians, studio designers, and other industry professionals. We are ourselves a craftsmen/drummer and an engineer/studio designer. We have done extensive testing of materials and design to ensure that our product is durable, attractive and able to accomplish a variety of recording studio tasks. These gobos will dampen the loudest drummer or add life to the softest acoustic guitar.

Why is our gobo so good? It all starts with a sturdy internal frame enforced with steel brackets for support. We use the best acoustic foams which cover a four ply sound dampening process including an empty space for low-end control. In addition, the leg design permits corner to corner and corner to edge placement for multiple layouts. This design also allows the gobos to be stacked closely while not in use to avoid cluttering up your live room.

Specifications & Options

Our standard gobo size is 4 feet wide and 6 feet 4 inches high. The base is 18 inches wide. Those shown are cabinet birch with a polyurethane finish. Cabinet maple and oak are also available along with solid wood models (maple, oak, mahogany, pine or cherry- we will customize those to match you studio) with wax or urethane finishes. All gobos are built by hand to meet your request.

The standard gobo has 2" acoustic foam (colors available) on one side and a reflective side of the same hardwood as the frame. The window has laminated 1/4" glass. All gobos have heavy duty casters that make them easy to position and store without cluttering up your live room.

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